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MeetSimpli Press

The Press Ritual Perfected®


Happiness Guarantee. Love it or return within 30 Days!

More Details and Features

Size: 34 Ounces

Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone, And Borosilicate Glass.

Dishwasher Safe

Patented & Innovative

10% of Net Profit Goes Back To Empowering Women and Girls in Coffee & STEM.

  • Customizable, Flavorful Brew
  • Free Of Grit - Smooth Brew
  • Easy Cleanup
  • 3 Minute Brew Time
  • Pre-measured brewing lines
  • No Plastics

How To Simpli Press

French Press Full-Body Brew.
Pour-over Smoothness. Espresso's Richness.

Fill & Brew

Fill the Coffee Basket with medium-fine grinds and add hot water.

Stir & Press

Stir gently and press down after 3 minutes, stopping at the Coffee Basket.

Pour & Press

Pour some brew. Press firmly into your Coffee Basket & pour out the rest.

Lift & Clean

Lift the Smart Filter and the Coffee Basket for easy grounds removal! 

Experience Everyday Bliss

Simpli Press saves time from brewing to cleanup, while giving you a richer, smoother brew.

Effortless Cleanup

Coffee Basket
pulls up with Filter for easy disposal of grounds. Filter snaps apart for a quick rinse.

Fast Brew

3 Minutes Flat
when you brew with medium-fine grinds. Premeasured lines for fast grounds-to-water ratio.

Happy Tastebuds

Ultrafine Double Filter
to customize your coffee and for a smooth brew. Try a wide range of roasts and grinds.


Paper & Plastic-Free
Made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, & silicone. Clean brew and clean you.

Media Mentions

One of the coolest part about Simpli Press that I love is that it uses filters typically found in espresso machines {...} What results

from the whole process of filtering said beans is a rich, smooth tasting cup of coffee. The kind that keeps me out of bed in the morning

Simpli Press as a way to bridge competing desires in coffee consumption: quality and ease.

Not only does this revolutionary press remove grimy sediments that come from French Press brewing due to too-small

grinds, it is also seriously easy to clean due to it's special vessel container.


Our mission is to add bliss to people’s lives by empowering their rituals. If Simpli Press is not the ONE for you, then simply return Simpli Press within 30 days for a 100% refund. That’s how serious we are about your happiness.